Kenton Industries is the leader in yardage custom turrets.

Here at Kenton, we are dedicated to providing you with a precise and accurate yardage turret. Customized to your specific ballistic information, we convert your standard factory elevation knob into an advanced BDC yardage turret for an improved shooting experience.


    Start by ranging your target at any distance

  • DIAL

    Simply dial your Custom Yardage BDC turret to the appropriate target distance

  • SHOOT!

    With good shooting form, use the center cross hair at any magnification and pull the trigger!

Proven Success!

Whether you are out at the range or on a once in a lifetime hunt, we are here for you! Check out some testimonials for real life stories of proven success with a Kenton Industries Custom Turret!


Custom Products

From the Founder

All of our patented turrets are made by our dedicated craftsman right here in Columbia, Tennessee, U.S.A. We have partnered with major rifle scope manufacturers to ensure that our turrets meet their exact specifications of quality and performance for a complete “drop-in” solution.

Our custom turrets are field proven worldwide, under all conditions. From the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, to the African Savannah, and the deserts of the Middle East, Kenton turrets are up to the task.

-Mark Kenton

Custom Turret Demonstration