What are Custom Ballistic Strips?

The Ballistic Strip is a laser engraved Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) that wraps around your factory turret.  It is tough, weather resistant and designed to last.  Most commonly offered for riflescope models with non-removable turrets, select discontinued scope models, and where the manufacturer’s blank turrets are not available.

Ballistic Strips are offered for most riflescopes models, but if your model is not available, please contact us. 

If you have questions about installation, please see our FAQ & Help page for further instructions.


  • A custom bullet drop compensator (BDC) strip which wraps around the factory elevation turret.



  • 50yd increment markings for factory ammo, handloads, and personal field data.
  • The laser engraved matte black strip will compliment your factory turret’s appearance.
  • Made of an extreme weather, U.V. light, and chemical resistant material providing years of outdoor use.
  • Guaranteed not to unwrap due to adverse weather conditions.


  • A laser engraved label with your cartridge specifications is applied to the top of the factory turret.

  • Available in our popular SPEED DIAL, LONG RANGE HUNTER, or MILITARY yardage formats.


  • A custom 10mph crosswind Ballistic Strip for the factory windage turret is also available for purchase.



Ordering options if measurements are required off of factory turret:

1. Print/fill out the order form and email to sales@kentonindustries.com

2. Call (877) Kenton-1 (877-536-8661) and ask a Customer Service Rep to assist you in ordering.

3. Send your factory elevation turret and we’ll do the measurements and wrap the turret!

How to Apply your Ballistic Strip