About the Turret Adjustment Calculator

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“The Ultimate Flexibility in Bullet Drop Compensation”

Don’t settle trying to match your load with a BDC or busy MOA reticle. Purchase a Kenton Custom Turret or Ballistic Strip and hunt anywhere in the world using our calculator. Unlimited uses for a single purchase of $10!

Benefits of a Kenton Custom turret and calculator:

The calculator will compute the adjustment for changes in shooting altitude, temperature, bullet, or muzzle velocity for your specific existing Custom Turret/Strip. After entering your changes, the adjustment is provided to you in yards. Works with the main crosshair on any 1st or 2nd focal plane reticle and on any magnification setting. It also calculates the required zero range when sighting in for a different bullet or new field conditions.

There is no other system which provides an inexpensive, flexible, and fast way to engage targets.

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