About Us

Our custom yardage marked turrets work in conjunction with 1st and 2nd focal plane scopes, standard crosshairs, BDC reticles, and moa/mil reticles. Simply range find the target, dial the turret to the corresponding yardage, and shoot!

The main benefit of a custom turret is fast and easy target engagement by not having to calculate the addition or subtraction of clicks off of a chart. This provides the hunter more time to focus on good shooting form and shot placement.

The turret can easily be adjusted for targets at different yardages or for a follow-up shot on an animal which has relocated. Use any magnification setting on your scope and shoot using the main crosshair which retains your eye alignment through the center of the optic preventing eye shadow. Field of view is only maximized when viewing through the center of the optic.

Eye shadow and a loss of field of view can be an issue when viewing through the lower quadrant of glass on BDC and moa/mil reticles. The time consuming calculation, combined with locating and maintaining the correct aiming point on a multi crosshair reticle can be a daunting task.

A Kenton Industries turret solves these issues! Simply RANGE, DIAL, and SHOOT!

For the shooter who hunts from the sea level shore lines to the high altitude mountains of the great USA, we offer for purchase our proprietary ballistic calculator. The calculator provides instant adjustment in yards for different altitudes, temperatures, and loads.

Simply range find the target, view the yardage conversion (table), dial, and shoot!

Kenton Industries turret with calculator provides a simple, fast, and flexible system for long range target engagement anywhere in the world!