Practical Tips for Long-Range Hunting Success

Practical Tips for Long-Range Hunting Success

Long-range hunting has grown immensely in popularity over recent years, captivating shooting enthusiasts with the challenge and thrill it provides. With advancements in firearm technology and rifle scope accessories, hunters have greater opportunities to test their marksmanship over extended distances. However, long-range hunting requires more than just the right equipment; it necessitates a deeper understanding of technique, precision, and preparation. Here are some essential tips for long-range hunting success from the experts at Kenton Industries.

Choose the Right Equipment

The foundation of long-range hunting begins with selecting the right rifle and ammunition. A high-quality rifle with a notable consistency is crucial for accuracy. Equally important is your caliber; ensure the caliber you choose is appropriate for the size and type of game you intend to hunt.

Rifle and Ammunition Selection

The selection of a rifle and ammunition plays a critically important role in long-range hunting success. The right combination of these two elements can significantly enhance accuracy, ensure humane shots, and boost overall effectiveness in the field. 

Choosing a Rifle

When choosing a rifle, there are nearly an endless number of factors to consider to ensure that it aligns with your specific needs, preferences, and intended use. However, first and foremost, it’s important to find a rifle that fits you comfortably. This will not only make shooting more enjoyable, but it will also promote consistent aiming and recoil management. You may want to consider an adjustable stock for better customization.

Another important element to contemplate is the rifle’s weight. The weight must balance stability with portability. Heavier rifles often offer better stability for long-range shots but can be cumbersome during long hunts. Conversely, lightweight rifles are easier to carry but may require additional stabilization when shooting.

Choosing the right rifle is a highly personalized decision that involves balancing multiple factors. By carefully considering the weight, size, and ergonomics as well as other variables such as caliber, action type, safety features and budget, you can select a rifle that meets your needs and enhances your shooting experience. 


Choosing the best caliber for long-range hunting involves balancing several critical factors to ensure both accuracy and humane game harvesting. First, consider the species you intend to hunt; larger game like elk or moose typically requires a more powerful caliber such as the .300 Winchester Magnum, which delivers substantial energy at extended distances. For medium-sized game, calibers like the 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Winchester are popular choices due to their excellent ballistic coefficients and manageable recoil, which aid in maintaining precision over long distances. Additionally, the availability and cost of ammunition should be factored in, as more obscure calibers may be harder to find or more expensive to purchase regularly. Lastly, personal comfort with the rifle's recoil is crucial; excessive recoil can negatively impact accuracy and shooter comfort during extended shooting sessions.

Keep in mind that different calibers have different ballistic performances. Knowledge of how your chosen caliber behaves, including its bullet drop and drift, will help you make precise adjustments in the field.

High-Quality Optics

High-quality optics play a pivotal role in long-range hunting. They include items such as rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars. Whether you're aiming to spot game from a distance, accurately range your target, or make precise adjustments for environmental factors, top-tier optics can be the difference between a fruitful hunt and a missed opportunity. High-quality optics offer superior clarity and resolution, allowing hunters to see fine details even at great distances.

Rifle Scope Accessories

Rifle scope accessories can also play a part in enhancing your long-range hunting experience by providing additional precision, stability, and versatility.

Custom Rifle Scope Turrets

A turret on a rifle scope is an essential component used to adjust the scope for accurate shooting. They allow shooters to make precise adjustments to the elevation (up and down) and windage (left and right) settings of the scope. This is vital for ensuring your shots are accurate, regardless of distance, wind, or other environmental factors. They enable systematic fine-tuning of the reticle position, ensuring that the point of aim corresponds precisely with the point of impact, which is essential for shooting over long distances.

Although turrets usually come standard on rifle scopes, investing in a custom turret is a wise choice for avid hunters looking to up their game. Custom turrets, like the ones from Kenton Industries, are calibrated to match your specific rifle, ammunition, elevation, and temperature. They come pre-marked with distance indicators, allowing the shooter to quickly adjust for different yardages without having to calculate or guess. For example, turning the turret to a specific mark might correspond directly to 300 yards, simplifying the shooting process. Custom rifle scope turrets enhance precision, help you achieve consistent shot placement, and can significantly improve performance in long-range shooting scenarios.

Custom Turret Magnifiers

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the yardage marks on your custom turret – especially in low-light situations. A custom turret magnifier is the perfect solution for this scenario. Magnifiers ensure that markings and adjustments are easily readable, enabling quick and accurate corrections in the field. 

Understand Ballistics

Ballistics play a pivotal role in long-range hunting. Ballistics refers to the science and study of a bullet's behavior in flight, including its trajectory, velocity, and impact. Understanding ballistics is crucial for accurately predicting where a bullet will land at various distances and under different environmental conditions, ensuring precise and ethical shots.

It’s important to study the ballistics of your chosen ammunition and rely on the help of an electronic device, phone app, or chart to provide personal ballistics data in the field. Ballistic calculators and charts provide critical data on how a particular bullet behaves over extended distances, taking into account variables such as bullet drop, velocity, wind drift, and the effects of environmental conditions like temperature and altitude. This information allows hunters to make precise adjustments to their rifle scope — whether dialing in custom turrets or calculating holdover — ensuring that each shot is accurate and ethical. By offering a detailed understanding of a bullet's trajectory, a ballistics chart helps eliminate guesswork, thereby boosting both the hunter's confidence and success rate in the field.

Although there are hundreds of choices when it comes to using technology to calculate ballistics, whether you use an electronic calculator or an app, it’s important to know their limitations as they can malfunction, break, run out of power, or get lost just when you need them most. That’s why a weather-resistant ballistics chart is indispensable for long-range hunting. At Kenton Industries, we can transpose your bullet drop (& wind drift) information onto all-weather, UV-proof, laser-marked adhesive charts that you can adhere to your rifle buttstocks, forearms, scope bodies, dust caps, etc.

Practice Makes Perfect

While having the best gun and top-of-the-line accessories can significantly increase your potential for triumphing on the field, they are no substitutes for real-world practice. The finest gear can only perform up to its capabilities if the shooter is skilled and experienced. Practical experience in the field teaches hunters how to read wind patterns, understand environmental conditions, and make rapid adjustments — all essential skills that can't be entirely replicated through theoretical knowledge or even sophisticated equipment. 

Moreover, real-world practice helps you become intimately familiar with your gear, allowing you to understand its nuances and limitations. Adjusting for elevation, windage, and shot placement becomes second nature through repetition and experience. Such practice also builds muscle memory and mental preparedness, which are crucial during critical hunting moments when split-second decisions can make the difference between a successful and ethical shot and a missed opportunity. Ultimately, the synergy of top-tier equipment with hands-on experience is what leads to true mastery and achievement in the realm of long-range hunting.

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Long-range hunting offers a deeply rewarding experience that tests a hunter’s skill, patience, and preparation. By investing in high-quality equipment, mastering ballistics, practicing diligently, and making use of rifle scope accessories such as custom turrets, you’ll be prepared to face the challenges and excitement that come with long-range hunting. Remember, success doesn’t come overnight, but with dedication and the right tools, you can significantly enhance your long-range hunting performance.

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