What are the benefits of purchasing a Tuned Windage Compensator (TWC)?

How many times have you missed an important shot because you didn’t think there was a strong enough crosswind to even bother compensating for? How about when you moved your crosshair to compensate for the crosswind but ended up with a wounded animal or a miss, because you adjusted incorrectly.

Improper adjustment for crosswind at medium ranges, will result in poor bullet placement and wound the game or depending on the crosswind speed, quite possibly miss completely! If there is no adjustment made for long-range shots even for a mild crosswind the shot will likely be a complete miss.

The TWC was designed to give the shooter a fast and easy way of adjusting whenever possible for every shot that requires crosswind compensation. The TWC is adjustable for a wide range of crosswind speeds and any angle of crosswind.

The TWC will get you in the habit of compensating for crosswind making you more proficient.

For More Information on the proper use of the Tuned Windage compensator please click here  Tuned Windage Compensator Instructions for Use.