Ultra Custom and Special Purpose TTC.

The following formats and options are available for riflescope models which can mount a TTC.

1.) Multi-tier MOA scale (no yardage)

2.) Full right and left turn MOA scale or half turn right and left scale (windage knob).

3.) Urban police sniper TTC. 25yd to 200yd scale with standard 100 yd sight-in/zero (0). (optional zero upon request).

4.) Subsonic ammunition marked in 10 or 25 yard increments.

5.) 10 MPH crosswind compensation for MilDot or MOA reticles. Compensation is marked above the 100 yd increments on your TTC.

6.) +/- 30 degree shooting angle adjustment posted above yardage format (alternative angle upon request).

The above formats or options are included in standard pricing and are available upon phone call orders.

Customer’s desiring their own unique format are encouraged to call for pricing and availability