Tuned Trajectory Compensator vs. BDC reticle

At Kenton Industries, we are confident our custom bullet drop compensator knobs-Tuned Trajectory Compensator (TTC) are far superior to generic “one size fits all” bullet drop compensator (BDC) reticles.

A generic “one size fits all” (or even a choice of a non-magnum & magnum) BDC reticle can only be set at one specific muzzle velocity, calibrated for one bullet weight and type, and generally is set for an altitude of 0ft. above sea level @ 59 degrees (F).

You must ask the following questions if you are thinking about purchasing a scope with a generic BDC reticle:

1. How close is my muzzle velocity to the muzzle velocity setting?
Non magnum muzzle velocity can range from 2400-2800 fps. Magnum muzzle velocity can
range from 2800 to 3500 fps.

2. Is my bullet the same weight and equally important the same type?
A .30 cal 180gr soft point bullet will bleed off velocity at a much faster rate than a .30 cal 180gr hollow point bullet producing a steeper trajectory.

3. Is my hunting/shooting altitude at 0ft. above sea level @ 59 degrees (F)?
Shots taken over 2000ft. ASL will hit high on the target and hit out of the kill zone (or fly over the target) at high altitudes.

4. Is my preferred sight-in/zero range (ie. 100, 200, 250,or 300 yards) offered?

A TTC is like a fine tailored suit. It is calibrated for your cartridge, specific muzzle velocity, exact bullet weight & type, and is set at an altitude & temperature which best fits your hunting needs. Also, you get to decide if you want a 100, 200, 250 or 300 yard sight-in/zero range.
1. Calibrated to your specific load and hunting conditions providing custom bullet trajectory to the target.

2. Capability to dial in the yardage increment indicated on your laser range finder.

3. Your shot is taken using a basic crosshair (in the center of the optic) which provides a clear view, precise target alignment point, and covers up very little of the target.

4. Flexibility to move TTC to another riflescope or purchase another TTC for new load, bullet wt. or type, etc. (UNLIKE THE PERMANENT ETCHING ON A RETICLE WITH NO WAY TO CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY).