Winter Coyote at 336 Yards

I can’t thank Kenton Industries enough for their great customer service. I took this nice Coyote at 336 yards using my 338 Lapua and your turret! You guys really know your stuff. Thanks again.
-Jeff Pangle

Last Day of the Season

I took this 400lb New Mexico cow elk with one shot during a blizzard in a brief moment of clear weather during the last day of the season. The shot was 350 yards uphill at about a 30 degree angle. I saw that the bullet entered the chest exactly where I placed the cross hairs. My Kenton Industries ballistic dial made a precision shot under stress simple and effective! Calculate the range, set the elevation dial that is custom made for your exact conditions, and aim dead on. Bang!
Los Angeles, CA

Afghanistan Ibex

Your knob made my hunt. I took this fine Siberian Ibex in the mountains of Afghanistan using your knob on my .270 Win. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for a great product!
-Nari Mondalou
Great Falls, VA

Dead on Scope and Turret

Thanks for a great dead on scope and turret. I made one perfect 550 yard shot on this nice buck. Thanks again Kenton Industries! I highly recommend your products!
-Brad Ziegler

A Kenton Customer for Life!

Thanks for your great customer service and going above and beyond in helping me get the correct turret. Your turret was instrumental in my success on my Wyoming Antelope hunt this year. I’m a Kenton Customer for Life!
-Chris Mulvaney
Twin Falls, ID

This Rifle is Boar Sighted!

My son took this fine California Boar using a Kenton turret on his Zeiss equipped 7mm-08 Rifle. He had practiced and so was confident of his shot when the time came. Your knobs worked beautifully! Thank you again for making my sons hunt successful!
-David Brackmann
Huntington Beach, CA

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

So here is mine! Kenton turrets work!
-David Schreiber
Montpelier, ID

My Sons First Elk!

Thank you again for a great product!!! This latest success was my older son’s first elk at the age of 13 using a Remington 700 6.5×55 Swede rifle with a Zeiss 4.5-14x 50 topped with one of your custom Turrets. When this great 6×6 stepped out finally offering him his shot at 382 yards, I knew he was about to experience his first elk. I ranged the yardage and my son dialed his scope to the correct yardage, took a few moments to settle himself and broke his shot. Thank you again! This was one of the best experiences of my life to be there with my son for his first successful big game hunt! I now have four rifles setup with your TTC’s for myself and my sons, which have now helped harvest multiple elk since 2007.
-Scott Hopson
Erie, CO

Yellowstone Bull Elk

I took this 337 6/8″ Bull elk w/ a Sendero in 7MM STW at 385 yards using my Leupold 4.5-14x50mm scope with a Kenton TTC. The speed dial worked to perfection! Thanks for the great product!
-Jack N. Wadsworth
Prattville, AL

Baboon at 512 Yards!

I just want to let you know how happy I am with my LR Turret Knob. Here is a picture of me and a Baboon which I killed at 512 yards….no estimate here….he was lasered with a Leica rangefinder and it was a true 512 yard shot. As a former police sniper, I have used and evaluated many different sighting systems, and none are as simple as just dialing in the range with your turret knobs. Great product!!
-Frank Campana
Yonkers, NY

5 Years in a Row…What More Proof do You Need?

I have taken a Bull Elk at 707 yards, a Caribou at 510 yards, a Bull Moose at 648 yards, and a Mt. Goat at 569 yards…All with your Custom Turrets. Hunting Guides can’t believe it…then ask for your contact info!
-Mike Lineberger
Sherrills Ford, NC

423 Yard Antelope

Thanks a lot for the great service on the TTC. I got it in time for hunting season. One shot from the .243 AI at 423 yards. Your knobs are great!
-Scott Shreve

The Best $100 I Ever Spent!

I recently ordered a speed dial for my Zeiss conquest and my wife shot her second mule deer ever at an amazing 629 yards!!! That was the best $100 I ever spent. Thanks Again.
-Stephen Taylor
Morenci, AZ

What a Hunt! Thanks for the Turret!

Thank you for the great equipment. I ordered your turret and spent the summer shooting long range. This shot was actually closer than I anticipated but I was ready for the long one! I have used the same turret for over 500 yard shots on multiple Elk and Deer. Your turrets work!
-Chris Lowry,
Payette, ID

682 Yards Made Easy!

I hunt the same area every year and have now taken multiple elk here. I ranged the hillside a head of time, so I knew the distance was 682 yards. When the 5×6 bull stepped out I was ready. I dialed in the TTC to 1 click below my 700 yard hash mark, settled on the bull just behind the right front shoulder. The shot was true…exactly where I was aiming with my 7mm Rem Mag. He continued up the hill about another 45 yards, stopped, and dropped.
Thank you again for a great experience, and for having a product that allows me to hold exactly where I want the shot to impact. I am setting up a couple other rifles and will be using your TTCs on those rifles and any others that I build.
-Scott Hopson
Erie, CO

Colorado Trophy Antelope

I took this nice buck using a Kenton Industries speed dial with a Leupold VX-III scope on my .270 Win. I just ranged, dialed, and shot. The stalk was the hardest part of the hunt. Thanks again for a great product! You make it too easy!
-Mark Schneider
Scottsdale, AZ

What a Difference Your Turrets Make!

Kenton Industries built custom turrets for my new 7MM STW. Last year in Sonora I went 3 for 3, two mule deer and a Coues deer. These deer were killed at 267 yards, 485 yards and 596 yards. I cannot say enough good things about your products!
-Dave Gainer
Victoria, TX