My bullet seems to be hitting high (or low). Is something wrong?

Your Kenton knob will be correctly calibrated  based upon the specific ballistic information we have received. If you find that your bullet is hitting differently than expected there are several things that can cause this.

Most commonly, the rifle may not be zeroed at the correct yardage the knob is calibrated for. A simple check of the zero range will often correct the issue.

You may be firing a different load than what the knob is calibrated for. All of our knobs are marked with the load information so you can easily distinguish the proper load for that knob.

Sometimes the scope may not track correctly. If your knob is calibrated for 1/4 click (.250 MOA) the scope may actually track slightly above or below this value. For instance if the scope tracks (.262 MOA), for every click you will be hitting higher than expected. This error will compound as you add clicks for longer ranges.

You can determine your scopes tracking by running a simple test. Zero your scope at 100 yards, then fire a nice group in the bullseye. Turn the elevation knob one full revolution up fire a nice group again. If your scope is 1/4 MOA click 15MOA/revolution, use should have a nice group centered 15.7 inches above the bullseye group. If this is not the case, your scope will track higher or lower depending upon upon the distance from group center to group center.

Divide the distance center to center by 1.047 and divide again by your total clicks per revolution. This will give you the true MOA per click value of your scope.

If your 1/4 click 15MOA/rev scope results in two groups 16.5 inches apart, your actual click value is (16.5/1.047)= 15.75/60 =.262 MOA click

Errors in tracking can be usually corrected by the scope manufacturer.

If you have checked these common causes and have not found a solution, our Technical Support Staff will be happy to discuss your specific problem during normal business hours.