Kenton Ballistic Calculator

“The Ultimate Flexibility in Bullet Drop Compensation”

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Don’t settle trying to match your load with a BDC or busy MOA reticle.
Purchase a Kenton custom knob and hunt anywhere in the world using our calculator.

Benefits of a Kenton Custom knob and calculator:

  • The calculator will compute the adjustment for changes in shooting altitude, temperature, bullet, or muzzle velocity.
  • Provides the required adjustment in yards to your custom knob.
  • Works with the main crosshair on any 1st or 2nd focal plane reticle and on any magnification setting.
  • Calculates the required zero range when sighting in for a different bullet or new field conditions.

There is no other system which provides an inexpensive, flexible, and fast way to engage targets.

Click the play button to see a short video of how the Ballistic Calculator works.

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Kenton Ballistic Calculator
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