Yardage Formats Defined


Yardage format: SPEED DIAL

Laser etched large size 50 YD increments for rapid dialing in. Increments marked up to one turn of the turret. The maximum marked yardage will vary based on the cartridge.  A 200 yard zero (0) is recommended for this yardage format.

Sample knob: 200 yard zero (0) to 800 yards

Yardage format: L.R. HUNTER

50yd increments marked on two tiers which represents two turns of the turret. Calibrated out to 1000yds for most Magnum cartridges and approximately 800yds for standard cartridges.

Sample knob: 200 yard zero (0) to 1000 yards

Yardage format: MILITARY

Retains factory type MOA scale at the bottom of the turret. 50yd increments marked above the scale at the required amount of MOA.

Sample knob: 100 yard zero (0) to 1200 yards.

Yardage format:WINDAGE

Custom windage turret to match your bullet’s wind drift. Marked in 100yd increments for a right or left 10 MPH crosswind. Instructions provided
for adjusting crosswind speeds