How does a TTC mount and operate?

Use the factory target knob to adjust bullet impact until you are sighted in (zeroed) at 100 or 200 yards. Remove the factory target knob and mount the TTC setting it at your 100 or 200 yard zero (0). Laser range find the distance to your target. Starting at zero (0), dial past each consecutive increasing yardage increment (200, 250, 300, etc.) until you dial in your target distance.


You also have the ability to fine tune the yardage setting. Between any two consecutive 50 yard increments, there is a series of vertical click lines. The halfway point between consecutive 50 yard increments would be a 25 yd setting. You can further split the difference and dial in a shot down to the 10 or even 5 yard increment depending on the distance.

L.R. HUNTER & MILITARY multi-tier yardage formats: For shots past one revolution or zero (0), you will visually transition from the last yardage increment in the first row or tier up to the next consecutive yardage increment within the second row or tier. Continue dialing past each consecutive yardage increment along the second row until you dial in the required yardage or transition up to the next row of yardage increments.


EXAMPLE: You are dialed in at a 100 yard zero (0) and our target appears at 800 yds. Dial past each consecutive increasing yardage increment (ie. 200, 250, 300, etc.) until you dial in 800 yds. Conversely, if you were dialed in at 800 yds and wanted to return to the 100 yard zero (0), dial past each consecutive decreasing yardage increment (750, 700, 650, etc.) until you are at the 100 yard zero.